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[Features] TinymcWrapper RT/MD Editor for Question2Answer

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asked Jun 13, 2016 in TinymceWrapper by donshakespeare (530 points)
edited Aug 2, 2016 by donshakespeare

DOWNLOAD TinymceWrapper, test it and enjoy!

I shall give them a tool whereby to write. This tool shall make them laugh. And when they shall have written, their content shall please both them that did the composition and them that shall chance to read or hear of said content. -- donshakespeare to Kalif the Grateful

DOWNLOAD TinymceWrapper, test it and enjoy!

Total Control Over Toolbars and Buttons!

With single words in your control panel, you can tweak this thing like magic. It's yours afterall! TinymceWrapper toolbar

TinymceWrapper toolbar

Markdown Finesse

Complete Markdown guruness. If you and or your users do not want to ever see HTML again, this mode is for ya. Enjoy! TinymceWrapper Markdown

Load Miranda in all places you wish. The Stone Age Has Now Ended!

You will be able to decide precisely (I mean, with surgical precision), where to let Miranda transform


TinymceWrapper Misc


TinymceWrapper Misc


TinymceWrapper Misc


TinymceWrapper Misc

User Private Message

TinymceWrapper Misc

User Private Wall

TinymceWrapper Misc

MathJax Expert

Enjoy some Mathematics out of the box. It is really fun. TinymceWrapper Mathjax

Question2Answer Admin Full Options for TinymceWrapper Editor

TinymceWrapper Q2A Admin Options

Skin Selection

TinyMCE is the best looking Editor out there - and you can make it look even prettier: Create your own TinyMCE skin in seconds TinymceWrapper Skin Selection

Markdown Parser Selection

There is no dbate about the speed of PHP Parsedown, go check it out: Parsedown Extra is simply the fastest TinymceWrapper Parser Selection

Two Ways to Dominate Your Q,A,C Editor Configuration

The Magic Universal enables you to switch modes between Markdown and Rich Text via URL parameter. For now, once switched, it remains switched. So, anyone can switch modes and it will be switched for everyone. Admin can disable the switching aspect of Magic Universal. TinymceWrapper Magic Universal The Individual Precise affords you complete perfection. Question, Answer and Comment can have own unique configuration. You know what this means right? TinymceWrapper Individual Precise

Complete Misc Control - Use RTE Editor Everywhere: Admin/Custom/User etc

jQuery/CSS-style Selectors enables you to be simple or ultra complex. Page Request Rules enables you decide exactly when to load TinymceWrapper CDN and plugin files. TinymceWrapper Everywhere

What You've Wished For Is What You Get (WYWFIWYG)

Proper Validation The title and tags are validated. Above all, the Editor will prevent posting if the visible character limit is not satisfied in the body area... no more rude surprises. Switching Mode is a breeze! If you love Markdown, you will bow to this. If you love Rich Text, you will bow! TinymceWrapper question

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4 Answers

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answered Jun 20, 2016 by donshakespeare (530 points)


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answered Aug 5, 2016 by demoUser (1,580 points)

just a **test** of the editor an
[the features]( "supportnet")

commented Oct 9, 2016 by anonymous
![test](image.jpg "TOOL_TIP") ![IMAGE_ALT](image.jpg "TOOL_TIP")
commented Jan 11, 2017 by лолс

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answered Aug 9, 2016 by anonymous

please install more...

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answered Jan 29 by anonymous

Look at me typing!

Some code:

vector pos
pos = point(1,'P',0);

Welcome to donshakespeare's demo of Question2Answer.

Showcasing integration with the most awesome CMS, MODX.
And the most powerful (Rich Text/ Markdown) Editor, TinyMCE.
Get TinymceWrapper (MIRANDA)
v1.0 August 1, 2016: (Q2A)
v2.3.2 August 1, 2016: (MODX)
If you have any questions, please ask in English within the appropriate Categories
Use such tags to report a bug or request a feature
Mar 15, 2016: Q2A 1.7.4
Apr 21, 2016: MODX Revo 2.5.0-pl
May 10, 2016: TinyMCE 4.3.12

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