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Write for Leofec / our new blog - Tell it Well!

Perhaps you have a gift in telling things well. Please do it here. We are now accepting wonderful writers / artists / poets / tutorialists / story tellers, you name it. Once registered, make the request, follow our writing guidelines, and voilĂ !

Gregorian ChantMy Lovely Chant - Boston Cathedral Schola

The Schola Amicorum, Schola of Friends, have designed a wonderful music app to present the complete Liturgical Chant of the Roman Catholic Church online. "Zeal for the Word, O Lord, hath consumed me." This is 'totally awesome!' Easy link: mylovelychant.com

Brav's IndexThe Great Index Lives On - Brav's Index

This free site is dedicated to the fostering and publishing of premier writing, writing we hope will inspire a generation and create a new tradition of great literature. All of us here have a creative skill set and a passion for storytelling...

LiteratureLoving Literature? - Try Shakespeare

Simply put, we are dedicated to reading, thinking, loving and living Shakespeare, without any fear or restriction. We hope to communicate this unquenchable love to you in more than one way.

Bishop WilliamsonDinosaurs Are Not Extinct - Bishop Williamson

This project set out to preserve in one way or another, the sometimes stirring writings of a living legend (Bishop Williamson) - an English man who held up the American fort for some 20 years... Just when we thought Dinosaurs were extinct....

technologyCommunion of Saints - Leofec Chatroom

Let's get together using our great and beautiful chat system. Let the wise be bonded
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