LEague OF Extraordinary (Exciting / Eccentric / etc) Catholics.
-Starts with Love and ends with Christ.
-Second E, Second-last E. A simple and ordered reiteration of our Ex-nihilo origin.
-In the middle (the balance, the virtue, the perfection) OF starts with O, the third letter - the perfect shape (O), with the perfect number (3). Start to finish:
Beginning, middle and end, THREE, resolving itself into the same thing, the Final point, the F, for our Father in heaven, the motivation of all real men on earth, fathers, leaders, husbands, bachelors etc.

Leofec is here to keep creators company. To ignite the flint-hearted. To awaken slumbering Tridentines. To help fathers, leaders, husbands and all kinds of men utilize their creative soul. Throughout the history of the world, Tridentines have been reputed the most creative, following after their Creator; but nowadays, their chief sport is quarreling.
Remember, remember, Adam was a true Tridentine.

We create and assist you in making wonderful things.


Why "Extraordinary" Catholic?

The Tridentine Catholic is not at all extraordinary. He or she only lives in an extraordinary time, when the simplest and truest things are gazed upon as extras. We are simply descendants of the greatest Saint of the age, Marcel Lefebvre, and we love to make things.